Underground Fault Location

Underground Fault Location

The Repair Works has the capability to locate and identify underground pipes and electrical cables and where necessary identify, locate and mark low resistance and most high-resistance faults. We can then repair or replace electric cables using minimally invasive, damage free vacuum excavation.

Vacuum Excavation

The vacuum excavation system utilizes kinetic energy in a high velocity air stream to penetrate, expand, and break up soil. The loosened chunks of soil and rocks are then removed from the hole with a powerful vacuum and are ready for quick backfilling.

Below ground utility infrastructures are becoming more and more congested as they are adapted to accommodate greater demands. This has led to increasing safety as well as financial concerns when there is a need to locate and expose such utilities.

Using non-destructive air vacuum technology, we can quickly, safely and economically excavate in areas inaccessible to conventional digging equipment — even where pressure gas lines and pipelines are present.

This system offers higher performance in most soils, which means greater efficiency and lower cost for you while avoiding disruption of utilities and landscaping.